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Gilly Taylor
Gillly has conducted the band for many years now and on occasion will dust off a cornet or horn should the need arise.  This usually happens during the frantic caroling season!
Currently Vacant
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Julie Wing
Tutti Cornet
A relative new comer to the band, Julie has joined us having moved into the area from  North Wales.
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Steve Scott
3rd Cornet
Steve is one of those players that every band needs. Capable of playing anywhere on the cornet line, he is happy to play 3rd providing plenty of experience and depth of tone.
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Andy Folland
Principal Trom
After helping out the band religiously whenever we were short of trombones, which was rather a lot, we are pleased to announce that Andy is now our resident principle trombone.
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Lyn Howard
Solo Horn
Once a flugel player, after a few years sabbatical, Lyn saw the error of her ways and returned to banding.  A South Molton girl born and bred the choice of band was obvious
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John Croker
Bass Trombone
After helping out the band religiously whenever we were short of trombones, which was rather a lot, we are pleased to announce that John is now our resident Bass trombone player.
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Carol Taylor
1st Horn
Yes there is a family connection, Carol is married to Gil, our MD. Apparently she plays 1st horn so that she can sit right in front of Gilly and keep an eye on him, or is it the other way round?
Simon James
Principal Euph
After being introduced to the band by his wife Jackie and serving an apprenticeship on Bb Bass, Simon has moved to Euphonium.
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Gary Reed MBE
As a recently retired school teacher he has found that he is able to get to rehearsals on time!
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Clive Brook
1st Bari
Once an accomplished euphonium player, Clive has migrated his talents to the baritone.
Debbie Barker
Eb Bass
Debs will play anything, as long as its in Eb and big. That said she has been known to try her hand at horn. Stick to the bass Debs we love it.
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Clive Thomas
Clive is a very talented percussionist  and composer and has produced some great pieces which the Band enjoy playing. 
Ray Kingdon
Bb Bass
There are pictures of this man as a young boy wearing and playing the trombone. Ray has recently celebrated 60 years in the band and is not only our Chairman but also Chairman of the SWBBA
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Geoff Miller
Having got fed up with all the drummer jokes, Geoff has decided that it is time to demonstrate his musical talent and has recently taken up trombone and joined our Training Band.
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Our Percussionists
 Clive Thomas, Sue Oldfield
& Geoff Miller
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Our Basses

Ray Kingdon     Philip King

Paul Gilbert      Debbie Barker

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        Trombone Trio
     John, John & Andy